Who needs a car and trailer test ?

If you passed your car driving test after January 1st 1997 you now fall under different licensing conditions to those who passed before. 

Should you wish to tow large trailers or caravans you MAY need to take another test (car and trailer category B + E).

Towing restrictions and licence requirements can be confusing and as such knowing what you can and can't tow can be unclear. In the regulations there is talk or 'gross weights' and 'maximum authorised mass' etc. Those out there policing this ( VOSA and the Police ) used to use the gross weights of a trailer to work out if you were legal or not, but over time and due to legal challenges, this has now changed. If they wish to prosecute you for being over weight, they have to use the actual towing weight at the time they inspected you. So, to be sure of your legality, you need to know the empty weight of your trailer and the weight of any load you are carrying. 

For example, a horse trailer with a kerb weight of 1200 kg may have a gross weight of 2800 kg allowing you to carry two horses, but if you are only carrying one that weighs 500 kg the actual weight you are towing is only 1700 kg. That is the weight you work to, not the gross weight of 2800kg. 

You need to use this 'actual weight' to work out if you can tow it on your licence, and to work out if the vehicle you are using can tow it.  

You will need to use the gross weight of your towing vehicle to work out your licencing guidelines. 


On a standard car licence you can tow trailers with a towing weight up to 750 Kg providing the gross weight of the vehicle and towing weight of the trailer when added together does not exceed 4250 Kg.

You can tow a trailer with a towing weight over 750 Kg provided the gross weight of the vehicle and the towing weight of the trailer when added together does not exceed 3500 Kg, and your vehicle is rated to tow that weight. 

A recomendation is that the gross weight of the trailer does not exceed the unladen weight of the towing vehicle but this is a little out of date now because lots of vehicles out there have a towing weight which is more than the gross weight of the vehicle. My Mini for example has a gross weight of 1675 kg but can tow 2000 kg. ( please refer to the towing weights of your vehicle for further guidance ).

If your vehicle and trailer weights fall outside these guidelines you will need to take a car and trailer test to allow you to tow larger trailers or caravans.


Car and Trailer Courses

We provide all levels of towing instruction, from basic skills to full courses leading to the taking of the car and trailer test, and have been conducting trailer courses since 2004.

We are based in Wadebridge, but the nature of trailer courses means that we can provide tuition to clients anywhere in Cornwall and beyond.

Tests are carried out at HGV test centres and so we use the one in Camborne. I have my own reversing area close by to practice on. Course details can be found below. 


If you need some towing instruction but your situation means you don’t need to take the test, this can be provided. Please call to discuss your circumstances and requirements.


Assessment Courses For Businesses

We are also able to offer a duty of care training and assessment course to the business community where employees are required to tow but where no formal training on towing has been carried out, and where the employee might already have a B+E entitlement on their licence so no test is needed.

As an employer you can benefit by showing a duty of care to an element of the employees duties which has probably not received any formal training and has until now been taken for granted.

Health and Safety Legislation could hold you as the employer liable to prosecution if you have failed to provide any training or ongoing assessment of an employees ability or suitability to carry out their duties.

The course will cover an assessment and coaching on reversing, uncoupling and coupling and legal matters.

Prices based on individual company locations and course requirements.


Trailer Course Details

One day course - For those more confident drivers with lots of experience in towing trailers. Late afternoon test time essential allowing a full day to practice.   £ 230.00

Two day course - This course suits most clients, those that haven't towed before, or for those with a little bit of experience. Test is in the afternoon of day 2 allowing practice on day 1 and before test on day 2. Great value course. £ 380.00

Three day course - Rarely needed but aimed at those who are a little worried about the course. We simply move day 1 of a two day course away from test a little allowing space for a further days training if needed. Extra day on top of two day course price is £ 180.00

There is also the option to share a course. Usually a two day shared course to ensure both clients have enough time. cost is £ 460.00 shared

All courses are plus test fee of £ 115.00


High pass rates on all courses. 

If you are interested in booking us for your trailer training, or just want more information feel free to get in touch