Update on Towing Instruction - Sept 2021

Some of you will have seen the changes to driver testing made by the DVSA on September 10th, but you might not know why they have done it, or what this means for towing instruction moving forwards in the near future.

You will know that there is a shortage of lorry drivers in the UK currently. In order to help meet this need, the DVSA feel that creating more test slots for HGV drivers will mean more drivers on the roads. Because car and trailer courses use those same test slots, the DVSA have said that there is now no need to take a test to be able to tow a large trailer. This will become law shortly, so be careful. Until it is you still fall under current guidelines. We think it will only be a few weeks before it becomes official. 

Most providers I know feel this is the wrong move. The rules changed back in 1997 to create an even system across the EU to improve road safety for those needing to drive larger and heavier vehicles. After 24 years the DVSA think it's ok to go back to how it was before, rather than focusing on the real issue which is the shortage of examiners. 

At the same time, most providers I know are at capacity, so even though there might be more test slots, that doesn't mean there will be more courses available to fill them. Some providers are also switching trucks back into logistics as the current problems mean more money to be made there than in training. 

So the feeling is is that it won't achieve what the DVSA want it to, but it is what it is. For now ! 

So those of you wanting to tow large trailers now don't need to pass a test to do so. I do however recognise that some of you new to towing may want some tuition before they do so. I will still be providing this.  

The training itself will still be a days course, typically 6 hours in car with breaks etc as it used to be on day 1 of the old courses. The cost will be £ 210.00 ( £ 35.00 an hour if comparing ). The course can be shared between two people, so £ 105.00 each. The course fee may depend on where you live as I may need to factor in some travelling time. 

So what will the course involve : 

I will assess your driving in terms of both basic skills, and with a trailer, and advise you of improvements you can make if any. 

You will be shown how to reverse a trailer, and also how to hitch and unhitch it safely and correctly. 

It will be much the same as it was before, but more general as we don't have to focus on specifics needed for the test. The course can also be done in your vehicle and trailer if you wish to, though I would advise using mine. 

The huge demand for tests has gone now removing the long waiting list, but there may still be a demand for this course. I will try to meet your time frame where I can, but please note there may be a little wait for a course.

Those running business's with multiple drivers needing some basic instruction please get in touch to discuss your specific needs. I can obviously help but prices will vary depending on your situation. 

Any questions please ask. There is a lot of info and comment floating about following this announcement so I am happy to answer any queries.

Thanks everyone.