Why take a Pass Plus course after you have passed your driving test ?


Pass Plus is a government backed scheme designed to provide new drivers with further training following a successful driving test. By undertaking the course you will receive training in some aspects of driving you may not have experienced as a learner, for example motorways, and as a reward for taking the course you may receive discounts on your car insurance.

You could simply take some tuition on motorways, or you could take a Pass Plus course. 

We firmly believe that you as a new driver should receive training in all conditions that as a motorist you might experience behind the wheel.

To that end, you will have received tuition in most aspects of the Pass Plus syllabus during your course of lessons. For example, during the winter months driving in the dark or in adverse weather conditions. But to get any insurance discount you would need to take a Pass Plus course. 

The course itself involves a minimum of six hours training. More may be needed depending on your ability. It is NOT a test but is instead an assessment of your driving skills in various road conditions and instruction in areas you might not have experienced before. Your driving instructor carries all this out.

It can be taken as six single hours, two or three hour blocks. It is entirely up to you.


Our recommendation

We recommend that the whole six-hour course is taken in one day. Why ? 

Obviously living in Cornwall access to motorways is limited and so it makes sense for us to do the course in one day to allow time to get up country and access the motorway network. But it can benefit you as a driver in other ways too.

It gives you experience of driving for longer periods of time. Whilst learning to drive you will have been used to driving for an hour, maybe two. In the real world many of you will undertake longer journeys, and so this will give you experience of this.

The extended time allows us to go further afield.

You will gain experience of driving on roads, and in conditions you won't be familiar with allowing us a better assessment of your skills.

You will gain experience of following road signs and possibly satellite navigation, of possibly getting lost and having to find your way again. In other words, you will gain a better experience of driving in the 'real world'.

Those taking the course in this way have said not just how good it was, but enjoyable too. The route we take for the day can be tailored to your requirements, for example to a distant relative, or the city you might need to visit for work or college.

If you are interested in booking us for your Pass Plus training, or just want more information, feel free to get in touch with us at any time