++ LOCKDOWN 3 -  latest info ++ For those looking to make enquiries about driver training ++

Driver testing and training is only permitted in Tiers 1 - 3. For Tier 4 or beyond, or with full lockdowns in place, it is suspended.

To find out how restrictions are impacting the specific area of training you are looking to do, please fill out the contact form stating those specifics, and I will email / message you back with the status relating to your needs.

Please bear in mind that all aspects of driver training are a long way behind and so you may have a wait to get started once we are allowed back on the road. I can only apologise for that, but we are working in very challenging times as I'm sure you can appreciate. Thank you ++ 


The Adventure Driving Academy provides all aspects of car based driver training.

3wEstablished in 2002, we have been providing instruction to clients across Cornwall since 2011. 

  • Learner Driver Training - Manual courses only
  • PASS PLUS Courses - for those wanting some addtiional training after a successful test
  • Advanced Driver Training 
  • Towing Instruction - specialist in car and trailer training

Or, if you are a licence holder who would like a refresher or some further training, then we can help.


Our rates are competitive and you will receive a professional, reliable, door-to-door service throughout your course of training.

If you are interested in booking us for your driver training, or just want more information feel free to get in touch with us by calling 07762 316 082