++ Post Lockdown update - June 2021 ++

You will no doubt know that driver training resumed at the beginning of April, but despite being back on the road this past few weeks, you all need to understand that we are still working in challenging times. Not due to restrictions or working guidelines, but because of the sheer number of you out there who are looking for driver training. 

The test system is still trying to cope and meet demand which is having a big impact on our businesses. It is proving difficult to get existing clients to book tests, pass and move on creating spaces for new clients. This will continue for the foresseable future so the usual cycle of taking clients on and to test etc is a lot slower right now.

You are going to need to be patient. 

I have waiting lists for both learner driver training and trailer courses. Because of this I have stopped answering phone calls directly. Instead, I would ask that you text or send me a WhatsApp message with your name, the type of training you are looking for, where you live, any experience you may have, and details if you have a test booked. I will then message back with the latest update relating to the training you are looking for, waiting list details etc, and the latest advice I can offer. 

We don't like saying no to people or turning people away, but we are in difficult times and I foresee it taking at least the rest of this year, maybe longer, to catch up and get back to how it was before Covid where a potential client can call us and get a start date within a week or two. 

It's not an ideal situation but it is how things are right now and I'm sorry for that. 

As I said, please message for more info, and feel free to browse the web site for details on what we can offer you. Thanks. 



The Adventure Driving Academy provides all aspects of car based driver training.

3wEstablished in 2002, we have been providing instruction to clients across Cornwall since 2011. 

  • Learner Driver Training - Manual courses only
  • PASS PLUS Courses - for those wanting some addtiional training after a successful test
  • Advanced Driver Training 
  • Towing Instruction - specialist in car and trailer training

Or, if you are a licence holder who would like a refresher or some further training, then we can help.


Our rates are competitive and you will receive a professional, reliable, door-to-door service throughout your course of training.

For the latest information on the driver training you are looking for please TEXT or send WhatsApp message to  07762 316 082